Through his work as a management consultant beginning in the 1980’s, Peter Koenig became curious about why organisational change projects so often fail, and why the vision of the founder of an endeavour so often fails to materialise.

During dozens of small workshops with founders end entrepreneurs where the stories of their vision and initiatives are explored, a set of principles emerged. They provide a guide to how human initiatives operate. Their seeming universality has profound implications for founders, and by extension, the operation of organisations of all kinds.

Many tensions, conflicts, successes and failures in organisations which can often be hard to unpick, can be easily explained through a lens of source. This presents a huge opportunity to work consciously, creating initiatives that run smoothly.

The fundamentals of the Source Principles have been confirmed hundreds of times in practice during Koenig’s research. The operational implications of working with source are ongoing and this website is a growing resource for practitioners. Your questions and stories are welcomed.

Koenig doesn’t claim that his research is scientific. A scientific approach to testing the principles by an interested party would be welcomed to further the research.

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