Peter Koenig is the originator of the ideas about source in this website. He works from Zurich, Switzerland and is best known for his seminal research and workshops on the relationship between people and money, and more recently to identity and entrepreneurship.

Peter has studied the phenomenology of money since the early 1980s, giving presentations and performing original research with small groups. Following an MBA in Geneva, Peter ran a business providing management training, leadership and strategic development processes for companies. In 1987 he became an independent financial and organizational consultant to companies and non-profit organizations. In 1994 he launched his first public Money Seminar and in 1999 initiated a new international conference series on Money & Business Partnership.

In 2009 he started elaborating his ideas on source, with his research involving over 500 entrepreneurs and founders.

Others working with source

Yves Claude Aubert: As an independent advisor and member of the board of directors of several companies, my goal is to help businesses thrive and also develop more sustainably. The Source work helps me to spot and address the root causes of their issues vs. losing time with their more peripheral effects. Based in Lausanne. Working where the needs are.

Marcel Bernet applies Source principles to his work as a coach, strategic consultant and board member. As a sculptor he gets to the core of shapes hidden in trees – deepening the connection with our own core and the many sources around us is the aim of his research and interaction. Based in Switzerland.

Sylvia Brenzel, head of the plenum academy in Vienna/Austria, is working in the field of sustainable development since more than 10 years. She is in charge of consulting, coaching and training entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs using the source principles of the peterkoenigsystem. Contact: Email.

Monika Caluori coaches individuals and groups to allow personal development. She uses money work and the source principles to clarify decision taking processes for individuals, couples and teams. She encourages to uncover personal uniqueness and develop meaningful living. She leads seminars and coachings worldwide in English, French and German. Monika is based in Switzerland and loves to travel. Contact Monika

Sue Cheshire is the founder and MD of the Global Leaders Academy. She is providing a platform for Koenig’s work through retreats and other events.

Charles Davies has worked closely with Koenig to refine the source principles. He is also working with founders and business leaders to develop ways to put source into practice within organisations using initiative mapping and other new techniques.

Martine Deschamps, M.Sc., ACFBA founded SynerAction Relève in 2003 and has been working with Sources principles since 2011 in order to help leaders passing on their business to the next generation. She is leading Source and Money workshops based on Peter Koenig’s research in Quebec, Canada and in other Canadian provinces. She is specialising in the use of rituals for Source and knowledge transfers within transitioning businesses. In 2019, Peter Koenig identified her as his specific source for the Quebec field. She completed the peterkoenigsystem’s MasterClass in 2020. She is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (ACFBA : Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising from Family Firm Institute (Boston, USA).

Clarissa Hurst: In my Workshops, Classes and Happenings as well as in One on One Sessions, we use different medias such as Drawing, Writing and Movement to delve into Process and express findings. I use the Source Principles to clarify creative Structures. Zürich/Switzerland, open to travel.

Jean-Axel Jung is working with source for personal growth in all dimensions of life.

Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft & the Global Inspiration & Noble Purpose Institute – linking organizational strategy, leadership and culture with noble purpose – we focus on that what helps organizational leaders to become more aligned with who they are and what they stand for, how they inspire their teams, how they create sustainable positive impact in society and the world, how they build purpose-driven organizations. Our work is based on integrating the principles of source, organizational dynamics/systemic approach, holistic thinking, conscious capitalism, shared value and the integral philosophy.

Danielle Huet has been working with source since 2009, giving seminars and conferences on money and self-image based on peterkoenigsystem. Living in La Rochelle she works one on one, with company teams and with money trainings organised by management associations throughout France. The concept of the source-person is central to her interventions with executives. She also uses the ‘professional constellations’ tool to help reveal the source-order and relation to money.

Christian Junod is a former investment advisor in a Swiss bank, and founder of Christian Junod Conseil. He is working with Source helping people develop their own businesses. He is leading money workshops based on Peter Koenig’s research in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Barbara Kunz is Peter’s partner, providing him with help and support.

Viktor Lysell is working with source, specialising in the use of ritual for rites of passage; marking the start and closing of initiatives; and succession. He is based in Europe.

Tim Malnick incorporates Money work and Source principles as a coach, facilitator and organisation consultant through his company Different Space based in UK. He is particularly interested in how stories about money and confusions about source / natural hierarchy play out in organisations working toward social, ecological and economic change. He finds this work extremely powerful for those trying to create new approaches to work and business who nevertheless find themselves trapped in old conflicts and familiar blockages.

Stefan Merckelbach works with the source principles on a daily basis, giving regular trainings on source, facilitating workshops, coaching people and organizations, writing and doing research on source. With his Ordinata team which he founded in 2001, he puts special emphasis on the relationship between “I” and “we”, introducing the source principles into the collaborative management of companies and teams using the power of collective intelligence. Together they accompany people who want to become a more conscious source, introduce the source principles within their company, start a new initiative or intend to transfer their source. Ordinata is based in Switzerland and works in French, German and English. He is the author of the book A little red book about source.

Monika Müller is working as a coach with founders and entrepreneurs in the financial industry. She uses principles of source and money work to increase true freedom (with and without money), respect for the customer and the emotional flow and satisfaction for the advisors in the field of finance. She is Based in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt) and working in German speaking countries.

Tom Nixon develops purpose-driven leaders and organisations that challenge traditional management dogma. He does this as an associate at Greaterthan; as an independent advisor to founders; and as the founder of Maptio – an online tool to bring clarity to decentralised organisations. He’s responsible for this website and the book Work with Source. Tom lives in the UK and works globally via Zoom. Contact Tom.

Charles O’Malley is the founder of the Responsible Leadership Forum and has hosted workshops and seminars with Peter Koenig.

Agnes Otzelberger is living and exploring the source principles, contextualising and spreading it in the world of international development.

Diana Ritchie has studied the phenomenology of being for the last 15 years, starting with Sophrology then establishing SCC Sàrl in 2007 where she continues to work with individuals, organisations and corporation around new models of human resource management, entrepreneurship, personal growth and career continuation. Diana shares her multidisciplinary know how through consulting, coaching, training and advisory services. As a master class 2014 graduate of the Peter Koenig system, Diana presented her first Money seminar entitled “Our relationship with Money” at the WIN conference in Berlin, October 2014. Diana facilitates workshops, as well as, group coaching and company counselling.

Sydney Schreiber is working with source to help individuals live their purpose. He is also disseminating Koenig’s money seminars. He is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Tash Stallard of Unassuming Radicals, highly experienced coach and facilitator based in the UK and working internationally, all of whose work is infused with source and the moneywork.

Daniel Straub has worked with source to manage a large grass roots organization, which was a challenge as old organizational patterns don’t work any more. Source consciousness led to an effortless clarity – to a natural structure which unleashed the potential of its collaborators. This together with Peter Koenig’s mentoring was the crucial factor in succeeding to collect 100,000 signatures which put the unconditional basic income on the ballot in Switzerland.

Max St John is offering coaching and training for individuals and groups using Koenig’s source and money work, based in the UK.

Nadjeschda Taranczewski has a Master of Psychology, is a Master Certified Coach and has worked as a coach, author, and keynote speaker since 2001. Nadjeschda first articulated Peter’s Source ideas in her article Who’s Idea Was It Anyway? The Role of Source in Organisations. She works internationally with CEOs and founders who want to re-invent their organisation as a Conscious Tribe; a thriving collective in which people invest in inner work, understand the big picture, nourish deep relationships and cultivate conscious rituals. Nadjeschda is the author of the book Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story and is currently working on her forthcoming book The Conscious Tribe Playbook. Contact Nadjeschda at 

Urs Winzenried has been a personal friend and colleague of Peter since before his first money workshop. He has witnessed and supported the emergence of Source work, and has been exploring implementations of all kinds in his personal, professional and spiritual life.

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